Temperature Strips (Pack of 3)

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Take the guesswork out of temperature monitoring with our Temperature Strips, a simple yet effective solution for keeping tabs on surface temperatures. Whether you're fermenting, brewing, or maintaining the ideal conditions for your plants, these strips provide continuous temperature readings, ensuring your processes run smoothly. Easy to use and conveniently packaged in a set of three, they're a versatile tool for any home or professional environment.

- Easy to Use: Simply peel and stick the strips onto the surface where you want to monitor the temperature, and you're all set.
- Pack of 3: Each pack contains three temperature strips, allowing you to monitor multiple areas or surfaces simultaneously.
- Drawstring Closure: The pack closes securely with a drawstring, keeping the temperature strips organized and protected when not in use.
- Compact Dimensions: With dimensions of 2cm x 13cm, these temperature strips are compact and unobtrusive, fitting easily into any space.

- Dimensions: 2cm x 13cm each

Care Instructions:
- After use, store the remaining temperature strips in the pack and securely close it with the drawstring for future use.
What's in the Box
- 3 x Temperature Strips.

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