Rennet Tablets

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The secret ingredient to achieving perfect cheese every time in your home cheese-making endeavors. Crafted from high-quality vegetarian-friendly rennet derived from Mucor Miehei, these tablets ensure optimal coagulation of milk proteins, resulting in deliciously crafted cheeses. 
- Microbial Source: Our rennet tablets are derived from Mucor Miehei, a microbial source, making them suitable for vegetarians and ensuring consistent coagulation performance.
- Scored for Convenience: Each tablet is conveniently scored into quarters, allowing for precise dosage adjustment, especially for smaller batch sizes.
- Shelf-Stable: With no need for refrigeration, our rennet tablets are shelf-stable, offering long-lasting freshness when stored in a cool, dry place not exceeding 35°C.
- Just 1 tablet coagulates 50 liters of milk, making it easy to scale the dosage for your cheese-making needs. For larger batches, simply adjust the quantity accordingly.
What's in the Box
1x Sheet or Box of Rennet Tablets.

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