Calcium Chloride Flakes

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Unlock the secrets to perfect cheese-making with our Calcium Chloride Flakes, the essential ingredient for ensuring proper curd formation and enhancing the texture of your homemade cheeses. Specifically formulated to aid in the cheese-making process, our Calcium Chloride Flakes are a must-have for cheese enthusiasts seeking professional results in their culinary creations. Elevate your cheese-making endeavors and achieve superior curds with our premium Calcium Chloride Flakes.

- Curd Formation: Our Calcium Chloride Flakes play a crucial role in the cheese-making process by promoting proper curd formation, resulting in a smoother and more consistent texture in your cheeses.
- Calcium Restoration: Adding calcium chloride to milk before rennet helps restore calcium levels, particularly beneficial when working with goat milk or other types of milk with naturally lower calcium content.
- Enhanced Firmness: By aiding in curd formation, calcium chloride contributes to the firmness of cheese, ensuring a more robust and resilient final product.
- Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of cheese-making recipes, our Calcium Chloride Flakes are ideal for both novice cheese makers and seasoned artisans alike.
- High Quality: Crafted from premium-grade ingredients, our Calcium Chloride Flakes are rigorously tested for purity and efficacy, guaranteeing reliable results with every use.

- Quantity: Each pack contains 34g of Calcium Chloride Flakes, sufficient to make a 1 liter solution.
- Form: Flakes
- Concentration: Formulated for optimal performance in cheese-making applications
- Packaging: Convenient resealable pouch to preserve freshness and quality

What's in the box
1 x Sachet Calcium Chloride Flakes.

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