Kombucha Elite Kit

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Get ready to embark on your journey to becoming a master Kombucha brewer with our Kombucha Elite Kit! This all-in-one kit provides everything you need to start brewing your own batches of delicious, probiotic-rich Kombucha right in the comfort of your home. Join the craze and treat yourself and your family to the refreshing taste and health benefits of homemade Kombucha with our elite kit!
- Continuous Brewing Vessel: Our 3-liter dispensing fermentation vessel with a tap allows for continuous brewing, enabling you to produce infinite batches of Kombucha with ease.
- Flip-Top Bottles: Bottle your second ferments in style with our 500ml flip-top bottles, perfect for storing and serving your homemade Kombucha.
- Essential Tools: Monitor your brew's progress with the stick-on thermometer and ensure optimal pH levels with the included pH strips.
- Live SCOBY: Brew confidently with our live SCOBY and starter liquid, which will keep on growing indefinitely, ensuring a constant supply of Kombucha for your enjoyment.
- Backup SCOBY: For added peace of mind, our kit includes a dehydrated SCOBY as a backup, ensuring you're prepared for any brewing mishaps.
- Exciting Tea Blends: Experiment with two exciting tea blends included in the kit, providing enough tea for your first 6 liters of Kombucha.
- Sugar and Tea Bag: We've got you covered with enough sugar and a reusable muslin tea bag to kickstart your Kombucha brewing journey.
- SCOBY: Reusable and indefinitely growing
- Gluten-Free
- No Artificial Flavors
- No Preservatives
- Non-GMO
- Vegan
Care Instructions:
Store the live SCOBY in the refrigerator until ready to use to prevent leakage or expansion of the packaging. Start using the SCOBY within a week after receiving it for best results.
What's in the box
1 x 3L Dispensing Fermentation Vessel with a Tap.
2 x 500ml Flip-top Bottles.
1 x pH Strips.
1 x Stick-on Thermometer.
1 x Kombucha SCOBY & Starter Liquid.
1 x Dehydrated Kombucha SCOBY.
2 x Tea Blends.
1 x Sugar.
1 x Reusable Muslin Bag. 
1 x Instruction Leaflet.

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