Fermentation Jars (Set of 3)

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Become a master fermenter with ease using our all-in-one Vegetable Fermentation Jars. Perfect for small batches of fermented vegetables, these jars streamline the lacto-fermentation process, allowing you to enjoy the health rewards and delicious flavors of homemade fermented foods. Crafted with food-safe, lead-free, and non-porous materials, these jars are specifically designed to preserve the natural goodness of your veggies while enhancing their flavor profiles.

- Optimized Design: Smartly designed for the lacto-fermentation process, our jars feature airtight seals and built-in airlocks to create the ideal environment for fermenting vegetables.
- Health Rewards: Lacto-fermented vegetables are rich in probiotics, prebiotics, and nutrients such as vitamins C, B group vitamins (including B12), and vitamin K, promoting digestion and overall health.
- Preserves Naturally: The natural by-product of lacto-fermentation, lactic acid, preserves vegetables naturally while imparting delightful flavor profiles to your creations.
- Set of 3: Our set includes three fermentation jars, allowing you to ferment multiple batches of vegetables simultaneously or experiment with different recipes.
- Easy to Clean: Take all pieces apart for easy cleaning. Wash with lukewarm soapy water immediately after use, rinse with hot water, and let dry to maintain hygiene and prolong the lifespan of your jars.

- Material: Food-safe, lead-free, non-porous
- Set Includes: 3 fermentation jars
- Capacity: Ideal for small batches of fermented vegetables

Care Instructions:
1. Disassemble all pieces before washing.
2. Wash all components with lukewarm soapy water immediately after use.
3. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and allow to dry completely before reassembling.
4. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use to maintain freshness and integrity.

What's in the box
3 x 1L Glass Fermentation Vessel.
3 x Fermentation Lids.
3 x Fermentation Lid Enclosures.
3 x Fermentation Lid Screws.

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