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Take your artisanal cheese-making to the next level with our Cheese Wax, the perfect solution for preserving and protecting your cheeses during the aging process. Crafted to keep your cheeses moist and shielded from unwanted mold growth on the rind, our cheese wax adds a layer of fun and functionality to your cheese-making endeavors. Indulge in the art of cheese making with confidence, knowing your cheeses are well-preserved and ready to delight the senses with our premium Cheese Wax.

- Preserves and Protects: Our Cheese Wax preserves your cheeses while they age, keeping them moist and safeguarded against mold growth on the rind, ensuring optimal flavor and texture.
- Available Colors: Choose from a variety of vibrant colors to suit your preferences and add a touch of visual appeal to your cheese creations. Available colors include Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Navy, Black, and Purple.
- Convenient Packaging: Each block of Cheese Wax weighs approximately 500g or 1kg, providing ample quantities for multiple cheese-making projects.
- Versatile Use: Our Cheese Wax is suitable for use with a wide range of cheeses, allowing you to experiment with different varieties and flavors.
- Reusable: Leftover wax can be re-heated and used for future batches of homemade cheese, maximizing value and minimizing waste.

- Weight: Approximately 500g or 1kg per block
- Colors: Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Navy, Black, Purple

Care Instructions:
To prevent mold build up under the wax, we recommend using cheese coating as the first layer. Cheese coating prevents against mold development under the wax. This is an optional step.

What's in the box
1 x Cheese Wax.

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