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Elevate the flavor and preservation of your homemade cheeses with our Cheese Salt, the essential ingredient for cheese-making enthusiasts seeking to create delicious and perfectly seasoned cheeses. Crafted to enhance the flavor and saltiness of cheese while also aiding in preservation and brining, our non-iodated cheese salt is a must-have for cheese makers of all skill levels. Delve into the art of cheese-making and ensure your cheeses reach their full potential with our premium Cheese Salt.

- Flavor Enhancement: Our Cheese Salt enhances the flavor profile of cheeses, lending them a balanced and savory taste that delights the palate.
- Non-Iodated: Formulated without iodine, our cheese salt is ideal for cheese making as iodine can inhibit the growth of starter bacteria and slow the aging process crucial for proper cheese development.
- Versatile Use: Suitable for various cheese-making processes, our cheese salt is used for seasoning, preservation, and brining, ensuring optimal flavor and texture in your homemade cheeses.
- Packet Size: Each packet contains 100g of cheese salt, providing ample quantities for multiple cheese-making endeavors.
- Long Shelf Life: Stored in a cool, dry place, our cheese salt will last indefinitely, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for countless cheese-making projects.

- Packet Size: 100g
- Iodine Content: Non-iodated
- Storage: Store in a cool, dry place for indefinite shelf life

What's in the box
1 x Sachet of Cheese Salt.

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