Muslin Cheese Cloth

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Whether you're a seasoned cheese enthusiast, an artisanal bread baker, or a culinary enthusiast exploring new recipes, our 100% Cotton Muslin Cloth is the perfect companion for your kitchen adventures. Unlock the full potential of your culinary creations with this indispensable tool.

- Fine Mesh: The muslin cloth boasts a fine mesh construction, perfect for straining curds from whey, making nut milks, straining yogurt, or covering dough for sourdough.
- Generous Size: With dimensions of 70cm x 70cm square, this cloth provides ample coverage and versatility for various culinary tasks.
- Reusable: Crafted with durability in mind, this muslin cloth is designed for repeated use, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for your kitchen.

- Material: 100% Cotton
- Dimensions: 70cm x 70cm square

Care Instructions:
- Before first use, sterilize the cloth by immersing it in boiling water. This step ensures cleanliness and hygiene for your culinary creations.
- After each use, hand washing is recommended to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the cloth. Avoid harsh detergents or bleach to prolong its lifespan.
- Embrace sustainability by incorporating this reusable muslin cloth into your kitchen routine. Wash and dry thoroughly before storing for future use.

What's in the Box
1 x  Muslin Cheese Cloth.

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