Cultured Butter Starter Culture

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The secret ingredient to elevating your homemade butter to gourmet status. Crafted for discerning home cooks and artisanal enthusiasts, our starter culture allows you to create rich and flavorful cultured butter with ease. Unleash your culinary creativity and experience the difference with our premium Cultured Butter Starter Culture.

- Authentic Culturing: Our starter culture contains carefully selected strains of beneficial bacteria, ensuring the authentic culturing process necessary for creating cultured butter.
- Superior Flavor Profile: Cultured butter offers a distinctive tangy flavor profile and a creamy texture that sets it apart from regular butter, enriching your culinary creations with depth and complexity.
- Versatile Application: Use our Cultured Butter Starter Culture to make cultured butter from various types of cream, including cow, goat, or sheep milk, allowing you to customize your butter to suit your preferences.
- Easy to Use: With simple instructions and minimal equipment required, our Cultured Butter Starter Culture is suitable for both novice and experienced home cooks.

- Culture Composition: Contains a blend of lactic acid bacteria strains specifically selected for butter culturing.
- Packaging: Capsules
- Shelf Life: Long-lasting stability ensures freshness and viability until the expiration date.

What's in the box
4 x Cultured Butter Starter Culture Capsules.
1x Instruction Leaflet.

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