• 10 litre without a stand

Kombucha Canister (stainless steel)

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Kombucha Canister 3, 5 or 10 litres  (3 & 5 litres come with a stand) 

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Kombucha Canister 3 litres – comes with a stand Kombucha Canister 5 litres– comes with a stand Kombucha Canister 10 litres– does not come with a stand Stainless steel is about as awesome as it gets when talking fermentation vessels! It is non-corrosive, it doesn't break as easily as glass or ceramic, it is a hard and strong substance, it is not a good conductor of heat and electricity, it is ductile, magnetic and retains its strength regardless of temperature and might we add it is BEAUTIFUL! Stainless steel is also common in the beer brewing and distilling industries. IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, these days a lot of "stainless steel" that is sold contains alloys of other metals. Because of the acidic composition, Kombucha will leach toxins from other corrosive metal containers. So it is VERY important to get a high quality stainless steel product. Remember the only metal Kombucha loves is a high quality, REAL stainless steel!

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10 litre

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