Our company

Crafty Cultures is a Proudly Pretorian, Proudly South African based business and we are all about bringing back the lost art of fermentation to our home kitchens and reinventing it as an ‘oh-so-cool’ event to be enjoyed with fellow friends and foodies alike.

Crafty Cultures was founded in 2015 as a owner operated business by Carike de Villiers. During 2015, Crafty Cultures (Pty) Ltd was registered under the laws of South Africa as a privately held company under the sole directorship of Carike de Villiers. 

We have a range of beautifully easy to follow DIY kits that makes it real easy for the general Joe to create extraordinary culinary art in a very ordinary kitchen. 

We have an incredible range of world class workshops on learning how to make your own cheese, yoghurt, kefir, kombucha and other fermenting things! What makes these workshops extra spectacular is that you don’t merely watch how it is made - you get your hands dirty in making your very own!

Our range of workshop services further extend to hosting fun kitchen-tea demonstrations where marriage is likened to the process of cheese making and corporate end year functions and corporate team building events that are built on and incorporate the practical principles from the well-known book “Who moved my Cheese”.

Our shop (either online or walk-in!) ensures that you will always get the consumables or equipment that you need, if it is red cheese wax that you need to finish off your Gouda or Water Kefir grains to start brewing your first water kefir batch, we're your one stop shop. If there's something you are specifically looking for but can't find in our shop, just give us a shout and we'll be sure to get it for you!

For more information about us, what we do and what we can do for you please contact us at; info@craftycultures.co.za.

If you'd like to resell our kits and other products please contact us at wholesale@craftycultures.co.za, we'd love to work with you!

Fermenting Regards,

The Crafty Cultures Team