Iodophor Sanitiser

A very good sanitiser to sterilize all your culturing and fermentation equipment, instruments and bottles.
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Please note: contains iodine. When sprayed onto equipment*, it can be left to dry and does not have to be rinsed off. *Can leave yellow/orange stains on equipment if not properly washed. Incredibly good and economical sanitiser. Iodophor is used in the dairy and distilling industries for foolproof sterilisation ensuring successful products. Use it to sanitise and sterilise all your culturing and fermenting equipment, instruments and bottles. Dilute Iodophor 15ml per 20 litres of rinsing water. Dip equipment into Solution for 1 minute and use equipment or bottles without further rinsing or drying. Can be re-used until colour fades. Add to spray bottle to sanitise all working surfaces. For heavily infected fermentation vessels, use 50ml of Iodophor to 20 litres of water and allow a contact time of 10 minutes before emptying. Let air dry.